Megan Speirs Mack is an artist and mama of three, living and making art in Flower Mound, Texas with her best friend-husband, Jimmy. She finds perspective and connection in the creative process and loves to honor and celebrate the beauty and intricacy of nature and humanity through the art she makes. Since graduating in 2008 with a BFA in Art and Visual Culture Education from the University of Arizona, she has taught and guided hundreds of youth on their journey to train their hands and minds as they find their own artistic voices. Being an art educator has placed people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, ages and life experiences within her path. These interactions have informed her personal art making and have furthered her interest and curiosity in the complexity of each individual's personal landscape. Art pilgrimages throughout Europe and Central America have guided and inspired her work by deepening her awe and appreciation for the exquisite variety of paths that somehow unify us and provide shared common experiences. Megan’s collaborations have married her work with people’s personal histories, their sacred spaces, their heartaches and losses, their celebrations and hopes. She continues designing, illustrating, and creating fine art collections from her home studio, often with the company of one of her children busily working by her side.



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