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Acrylic on Canvas
15x30, 40x30, 15x30


This painting is full of nostalgia for me! In the Tucson desert there is a time late in the summer when the heat has become too much. Everyone is a bit on edge, and when it starts to feel like we are all about to break, the air starts to get heavy. A sudden darkness, the most gorgeous shade of blue, comes over the mountains. There's a notable shift in energy, the creosote wakes up and floods the land with the smell of anticipated desert rain. The long awaited, anticipated monsoon is what "Soon" is all about.  


I would be so honored if this original ends up in your space. Thank you for being here!


All shipped originals are sent insured with a tracking number.

Thank you so much for supporting my work!

© 2022 ~ Megan Speirs Mack reserves all rights to this image. Any copies, reproductions, alterations, or selling of this image must be done with written permission from the artist.

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