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I Am Different - Just Like You!

I Am Different - Just Like You!

I Am Different - Just Like You!

written by Rebecca Dalmolin

photography by Kathryn Mertz

illustration and design by Megan Speirs Mack

Small Things Publishing 2020


I Am Different, Just Like You! is a creative non-fiction children’s book that uses fun illustrations and real photos to explain what Down syndrome is and the remarkable things that people with Down syndrome are capable of doing. It showcases a little girl named Adella who, just like other little girls, loves to run, play, sing, and dance. But there are also things that make Adella different. One difference is that she has Down syndrome. As she explains what Down syndrome is, readers will find that there are things that make them different too, just like Adella. (A percentage of proceeds is given to organizations that support the Down syndrome community.)


Megan Speirs Mack did the illustrations, book and cover design for this delightful resource. This book is the perfect addition to home, classroom, school and community libraries. It is a loving, beautifully created book that educates and promotes inclusion.

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