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Abstract Painting Commission

Abstract Painting Commission

An abstract painting is often the perfect touch needed to complete a space. 


Choose a size that fits your space. Decide on a surface. Send me photos of the space where it will be displayed and colors that you would like to see in the finished piece. If there are colors that you do not want represented, that is good to know too! Look through my work and let me know if there is a look or style that you are especially liking that you would like to see in your finished piece.


I love creating these custom abstract works more than I can express. It is pure theraputic joy and I'm very much looking forward to creating this piece for you. The finished works are cohesive and unified and are riddled with loads of mini compositions and visual treasures for you to enjoy. 


I will send you progress photos as I work. Thank you for trusting me to create this piece for! If you have a specific vision for this artwork, please share! Working colaboratively through ideas with clients has yeilded some of my favorite pieces. 


If you have a specific date that the finished art is needed by please make that clear so that I can arrange my work schedule and plan accordingly. I always have several works in progress at a time and want to be sensitive to your needs as my client!


I can't wait to begin!

  • Pricing and Payment

    Pricing: Prices for different sizes are listed in the drop down menu. If you are interested in a size that is not listed, or if you would like to explore having your piece done on multiple panels, please reach out! I'd love to hear your idea and see if we can find a way to make it happen. Generally, I create these abstract works on stretched canvas, but if you are interested in another surface, let's do it! It should be noted that shipping larger stretched canvases can become a bit pricey, so if you live outside of DFW, TX and want a larger piece, rolled canvas or fine art paper may be the more economical option. Let's chat!

    Payment: 50% of the total cost of the painting will be due up front. After both client and artist are happy with the finished work, the remaining 50% of the total + cost of shipping will be due. After recieving payment, your painting will be carefully packaged, shipped and insured. At that point I will obsessively check the tracking number and await the safe delivery of my art baby. 

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